Retail Report: Topshop & Traid

Topshop is a British multinational fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and acces- sories. It has around 500 shops worldwide, 300 are in the UK alone. I visited the massive Topshop on Oxford Street with 3 floors that is always packed full with people. It is such a confusing, big and busy store that the average time spent there is 1 hour. Clothes are organ- ized by themes, rather than by type, which means that shoppers need to spend time searching for items. The store not only offers clothes, but also a salon, restaurant and piercing shop. The space is filled with bright white light and very loud music, along with the noise from people, transport and the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. Stepping into any Topshop around the world can be very overwhelming. It attracts a wide range of clients, from all ages genders and levels of society. The most common consumers are women aged 16 to 30. No matter where you look inside you will find racks and shelves full of clothes makeup and accessories.

Traid is a second hand shop and its aim is to raise money for charity through donations and the sale of clothes. It has a vintage atmosphere and is organized according to clothing style. Their goal is to make use of unwanted clothes instead of throwing them away. They often fix or transform items that would otherwise be useless, and then use the money to help charities who educate people. It is therefore both ecofriendly and good for society.


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