Viktoria Modesta


                                 (Viktoria Modesta – Prototype, 2014)

Victoria Modesta is a bionic artist, multimedia performance artist, creative director, DJ and a supporter of future innovations. She has become famous for objectifying herself on purpose and drawing attention to her disability. Disabled people are sometimes seen as not having power, but through her videos she shows that she is powerful and can have the same place in society as anybody. People sometimes forget that people with physical disabilities also suffer mentally as a result.

Throughout history there have been many different ways of treating disabled people and it is only recently that they have been empowered. Stereotypes of disabled people are changing, and Modesta has become a respected artist. She has done this by “Building an identity that I was more comfortable with, as opposed to the one that was given to me, was very important,” she says. She has demonstrated a sense of agency and

Her work promotes the rights of disabled people and she is committed to increasing aware- ness of disabled people. She uses her power to show a specific image that she wants people to learn from.


She is transgressive and challenges the ‘normal’ way of doing things, and by doing this she causes other people to think differently. She is aggressive through her sexuality and uses me- chanical objects and unusual prosthetic limbs to accentuate her disability. Instead of trying to hide her disability she is using is trying to make it desirable and to challenge people. Peo- ple have the option to consumer her music or to engage with her through sexual attraction and she presents her womanly physicality in a way that is designed to entice people sexually. Other than her disability she is not very different from other avant-garde performers such as Lady Gaga, and she is showing people that they do not need to think of her as any different. And if they do, they should see it as something unique and desirable.


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Viktoria Modesta – Prototype. (2014). Available at: watch?v=jA8inmHhx8c [Accessed 9 Mar. 2017]. jpg?w=960 [Accessed 9 Mar. 2017].


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