“The Forgotten Space”



Nowadays, it is impossible for the world to be thought as isolated. “In place of an imagination of a world of bounded places we are now presented with a world of flows. Instead of isolated identities, an understanding of the spatial as relational through connections. The very word ‘globalization’ implies a recognition of spatiality’ (Massey, 2005: 81).

The world has a flow of people, which leads to the flow of money. This is known as Global Exchange.

The movie, Forgotten Space, depicts the exchanging of foods from different countries with the use of containers to make the work less labor intensive.

The film discusses many topics. The sea is the most forgotten space, even though it is one of the most used methods of transportation. This the aftermath of what we call “globalization.” Globalization is the process of operating internationally. Containerization, a trending form of trade via the sea using containers to transport items, goods, and food, was put into place by globalization and backfired drastically. However, due to left over oil in the sea which is partially recovered and then burned, the sea has been forgotten once again by its dear love Boat.
In conclusion, the combined effects of both globalization and containerization resulted in a seed planted by those who willingly turned a blind eye and resulted in a travesty worth noting in a movie called “The Forgotten Space.”  However, we are glad such themes were present and spoken about in this movie that can be seen by others.


SEKULA, A., BURCH, N., REEMST, F. V., VERHEIJ, J., LUCASSEN, V., SINZINGER, E., BOEREMA, M., & SEKULA, A. (2010). The forgotten space.

Sekula, A. (no date) The Forgotten Space. Available at: http://www.theforgottenspace.net/img/bg_splash.jpg (Accessed: 5 December 2016).













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