Disneylization is the process which creates a world that offers us so many different possibilities, adventures, and countries in a small environment that we no longer must visit the real worlds anymore. We are introduced to a fake world, guided and deceived to love the different environment we are introduced to.

This all rolls around the idea of Disney land, a city created by Walt Disney, and entertaining the masses of people who visit them. However, it’s the extremely insidious. Disney land is controlled; and its main goal is to make you stay longer. “Disneylization-the use of entertainment as ideology-is the future of the American physical and psychological landscape” (Jeff Ferrell, Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy (New York: Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press, 2001).

The concept behind its introduced design is crafted in a way to distract us from the world we live in, and instead puts us in a world where we want to stay for as long possible. This, in a way, is Disneylization.

This is especially true for children; facades have been created as representation of toy houses, rides and games have been made addictive especially for kids, and once we think it’s all over, there are shop/restaurants which merchandize products to steal our money.
As of recent, employees have been made to go through a certain triaging for their behaviors and has resulted in a complete dehumanizing and shamelessness. These fake characters are made to control your emotions and to make you seem happy.



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