The architecture of fashion

From a very young age, I have always wanted to go into fashion and design.
I strongly believe that fashion and architecture are related in the sense that they they are both based on design and development, and they require high levels of creativity. Both heavily impact on our lives on a daily basis, as they make up an integral part of our everyday lives; we wake up in a building that was built by an architect, once we are up we think of what clothes are we going to wear that day, etc.
Many fashion designers used space as an inspiration in their designs such as the British/Turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. His fashion shows were more performance than fashion, since he always integrates the human body with architecture, science, music and technology. His 2000-2001 collection explored the idea of having to flee home in times of conflict. We find a domestic table accompanied by some chairs and a coffee table in the middle. The chairs were transferred into suitcases, and duvet covers were worn as dresses. Finally, the coffee table turned out to be a skirt.
I think that he managed to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior space by transferring the furniture which represent “home” from an interior space to an exterior space.


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